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VCS Denmark

VCS Denmark

VCS Denmark implemented Aquis in 2004, modernizing their contingency planning and enabling dynamic pressure control of their water distribution network.

  • Erling Nissen, Senior Network Specialist

    Today we can hardly do without a program like Aquis. Aquis gives us certainty and precise answers, and consequently we have a surety that is invaluable in everyday life.

  • Goals

    • Establish a new system which is able to forecast the distribution network behavior due to planned and unplanned events
    • Maintain the good reputation of 150 years as Denmark’s largest and oldest water utility which provides safe drinking water to its people
  • Challenges

    • It was necessary to upgrade the historically-based static model with a modeling software that calculates based on online data retrieved from SCADA system
    • Before the upgrade, simulations were manually created
  • Results

    • Aquis provided the Danish water utility the ability to assess the mixing ratio of water from the five different waterworks that pump water into the mains
    • Operators have the information they need to quickly track the spread of contamination in the event it happens
    • Total water pressure is now maintained at a very accurate and constant level