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Industrial Software Platform
  • Schneider Electric Software Success Stories

    Customers worldwide benefit from Schneider Electric Software solutions, products and services. Select any of the Success Stories below to read more about how we are solving complex challenges for our customers and increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

    • Amadori Group, GESCO Consorzio Cooperativo

      Amadori Group, GESCO Consorzio Cooperativo

      Amadori uses a Wonderware solution that enables compliance with government regulations and optimizes production cycle and energy management.

    • Amalgamated Beverage Industries

      Amalgamated Beverage Industries

      Amalgamated Beverage Industries implemented a new packaging line for its soft drink products based on Wonderware software to increase production to meet the annual summer demand.

    • Auto-Bake


      Auto-Bake standardized on Wonderware software to help their Serpentine systems blend traditional baking practices with modern technology to provide baked goods that look, feel and taste homemade.

    • Baltika Breweries

      Baltika Breweries

      Baltika Breweries Automates Production Process with Wonderware MES Providing Significant Increase in Data Accuracy and Streamlined Reporting Practices.

    • Beam Global Spirits and Wine

      Beam Global Spirits & Wine, maker of the Jim Beam brand, increases productivity and profitability by upgrading their Wonderware solution.

    • Branston


      The Wonderware solution at Branston has successfully created a water recycling unit which, after just a few months of operation, is reducing its mains water usage by an incredible 52%.

    • Coca Cola Swaziland Conco Ltd

      Coca Cola Swaziland Conco Ltd

      Coca-Cola Swaziland uses Wonderware Corporate Energy Management to Optimize Energy Usage and Reduce Costs.

    • F and N Dairies

      Wonderware software solutions are the backbone of F&N's manufacturing operations, ensuring product quality, streamlined production and overall customer satisfaction of its wide range of dairy products, including Carnation, Teapot and Bearbrand.

    • Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company

      Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company

      Wonderware software has enabled Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company to increase profits in an industry with thin margins.

    • New Belgium Brewing Co – MES Performance

      New Belgium Brewing Co – MES Performance

      Wonderware MES Performance Software enables new Belgium Brewing Company to increase packaging production capacity, and decrease downtime by more than 50%

    • New Belgium Brewing Company - Progressive Reputation

      New Belgium Brewing Company’s new Wonderware software solution improves data visibility and analysis while saving operator time resulting in higher quality and increased production.

    • New Belgium Brewing Company - Sustainable Manufacturing

      Wonderware solution helps New Belgium Brewing achieve its environmental and sustainability goals.