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African Explosives

African Explosives

African Explosives implemented Wonderware Equipment Operations Module for track and traceability of detonator manufacturing operations to improve product quality and ensure overall product safety.

  • Ronald Huggins, Control Systems Engineer

    With Wonderware Equipment Operations Module, improved raw material and product tracking gives African Explosives Limited a far greater degree of quality control, enabling the company to maintain product consistency and process improvements.

  • Goals

    • The company needed to accurately track raw materials and finished products through an automated batch tracking system
    • With a system featuring the collection of track and trace data, African Explosives Limited wanted to ensure product quality and eliminate product defects
  • Challenges

    • The company needed to avoid major production disruptions by ensuring a rapid implementation of the new system
    • Maintaining the company’s high safety standards and product consistency were the top priorities for any technology changeover
  • Results

    • African Explosives Limited now has an accurate and reliable tracking system
    • The Schneider Electric technology solution has improved the company’s competitive positioning by enabling it to deliver high-quality explosives to the mining and construction industries
    • Elimination of paperwork has resulted in a significant reduction in errors associated with the prior manual reporting system