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Salt River Project

Salt River Project

Salt River Project (SRP) implements an effective alarm management solution from Schneider Electric at two of its Arizona generating stations, Navajo and Santan.

  • Ron Bewsey, I&E supervisor and I/A administrator

    Now we have valid alarms that mean something to operators so they can respond appropriately. This increases efficiency and reliability. Operators now see the alarm system as a tool they appreciate, instead of a necessary annoyance.

  • Goals

    • Improve the performance of the Santan and Navajo plants by reducing the number of alarm floods
  • Challenges

    • Reduce the increasing number and frequency of occurring process alarms while keeping the power plant safe and profitable
  • Results

    • Implementing the alarm system design at the nine Santan units dramatically reduced the frequency of alarms. Plant startup previously took two operators up to four hours to complete can now be performed by one operator in less than two hours
    • New system resulted in a 44% reduction of configured alarms