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Kalundborg Forsyning

Kalundborg Forsyning

With Aquis, Kalundborg Forsyning is able to run calculations based on real-time data of current situations rather than on static average daily consumption.

  • Frits Klemmensen, Engineer

    Previously, most decisions were made based on hunches rather than facts. With Aquis, this has changed completely.

  • Goals

    • To empower operators with information for better day-to-day operational control, including the ability to mitigate and predict problems that may occur
    • To provide operators the capability to make the best possible decisions based on simulations of adjusted scenarios
  • Challenges

    • Most decisions were made based on operators’ past experiences or hunches
    • Limited real-time information on consumers supply pressure
    • Operators were less likely to make the best possible decision when emergencies arose due to limited overview of the water distribution network
  • Results

    • Greatly increased overview, insight and flexibility
    • Enabled operators to adjust scenarios to visualize the consequences of different planning strategies
    • Enabled operators to make faster and more efficient responses to water pollution-related emergencies
    • Enabled the ability to choose and install the right pipe for the job, greatly reducing maintenance costs
    • Provided ability to view information about consumer supply pressure in real time
    • Provided ability to send information to specific consumers such as a planned, temporary closing of the water supply
    • Enabled insight via real-time information on the various hydraulic properties for improved water quality monitoring