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Aracruz Celulose Pulp Mill

Aracruz Celulose Pulp Mill

Aracruz Celulose constructs a new fiberline, overhauls and modernizes existing lines and eliminates production bottlenecks -- while expanding their overall production capacity.

  • Luiz Renato Chagas Figueiredo, Automation Manager

    We chose to implement Foxboro intelligent remote I/O because of the increased architectural flexibility and lower cost it provides.

  • Goals

    • Allow each Fiberline to operate independently and provide a unified view into all operations for better management of overall plant productivity
  • Challenges

    • Plant has multiple systems from different vendors, most of which are outdated
    • Current plant capacity is limited and needs to be expanded to meet demand
  • Results

    • Plant was expanded to become the largest single pulp production facility in the world, capable of producing more than two million tons of market pulp per year
    • Boiler using Fisher Provox DCS with 1000 I/O was migrated to Foxboro I/A in 3 hours and 7 minutes
    • Provides a strong avenue for future growth in production capacity
    • Expanded overall production capacity and eliminated production bottlenecks