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Industrial Software Platform
CF Industries

CF Industries

CF Industries, one of North America’s largest agricultural fertilizer producers, upgrades existing IBM software to an Avantis solution providing growth and costs savings.

  • Dave Wiedenfeld, Group Project Leader

    We’ve installed the Avantis.DSS solution and it paid for itself almost immediately. It turns raw data into business intelligence and that improves our performance.

  • Goals

    • Locate software to deliver continue maintenance planning functionality while providing the flexibility for growth and costs savings
  • Challenges

    • The investment to keep homegrown application in pace with growing business is expensive (well over $1 million)
  • Results

    • Approximate cost savings of $2 million through improved sourcing and contract negotiations
    • Reduced inventory management and purchasing costs by several million dollars
    • This system automates maintenance planning and tracking activities on nearly 50,000 asset entities
    • Helps manage and analyze inventory and procurement on more than 60,000 items in the four CF Industries manufacturing locations