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Ash Grove Cement

Ash Grove Cement

Ash Grove Cement Company improves inventory management, inventory reduction, kiln uptime, environmental compliance and overall maintenance costs savings using Avantis.

  • Mike Ralls, Plant Systems Administrator

    By closely monitoring and managing what we use, reorder activities, and parts and materials pricing, we have reduced inventory by at least $2 million in the last few years. This is a significant contribution to keeping our prices competitive in the marketplace.

  • Goals

    • Automate maintenance data collection at each facility for a well-defined enterprise asset management process to support equipment performance reliability
  • Challenges

    • Improve the availability and utilization balance of production assets and develop a standardized solution for each of its nine separate production facilities, while maintaining production
  • Results

    • A $2 million first year inventory reduction
    • Improved ability to manage inventory, as many as 8,000 items at each plant, maintaining between $2 million to $12 million in inventory
    • Compliance with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation called the Portland Cement Maximum Achievable Control Technology (PC MACT)
    • Minimizes the potential loss of $3,000 per hour for every hour the kiln is offline