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Baltika Breweries

Baltika Breweries

Baltika Breweries Automates Production Process with Wonderware MES Providing Significant Increase in Data Accuracy and Streamlined Reporting Practices.

  • Yuriy Chentyrev, Director of Operations

    The comprehensive Schneider Electric MES solution has provided a significant increase in the accuracy of our process control system enabling our operators to monitor the manufacturing lines in real time and more quickly react to anomalies that might occur.

  • Goals

    • The brewery required a modular automation software solution that would enable operations management to scale the system to meet future production requirements
    • Reduce costs through improved equipment performance, lowered material losses, reduced production costs and better supply chain processes from distributor warehouses
  • Challenges

    • Ensuring that a new automation software solution could effectively integrate with existing hardware and software while increasing overall equipment performance
    • Because accurately monitoring supplies of source ingredients is critical to maintaining adequate levels of brewing production, there was concern that an appropriate software solution may not be available
    • With increasing global competition, reducing the facility’s production cost was a top priority for any new software implementation
  • Results

    • The reduction of 8 percent in energy usage during the manufacturing process has enabled Baltika to lower its overall operating costs
    • A 5 percent reduction in steam consumption during the beer manufacturing process has been achieved
    • The cost of packaging materials has been lowered by 1.8 percent annually
    • Baltika can now accurately determine production losses per batch and has achieved a reduction of 0.56 percent in extract loss