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AENA, Barcelona El Prat Airport

Wonderware Software Facilitates a Decade of Integration and Growth for Unprecedented Spanish Airport Expansion

  • Jordi Asensi, Head of Systems, and Database Management, AENA Barcelona Airport

    The centralization of operations that we get with Wonderware helps manage around 700,000 signals and is essential for a critical infrastructure like this. We can now quickly respond to incidents and also be proactive in optimizing management.

  • Goals

    • Develop an integrated and centralized control platform to accommodate expansion for the airport, which would triple in size
    • Ensure that the new platform in Barcelona would be replicable across the other airports in the AENA system
    • Find a way to integrate, manage and optimize processes and systems coming from multiple vendors
  • Challenges

    • Airport control systems handle thousands of signals simultaneously; this information needed to be presented simply and in context to enable operators to quickly and accurately interpret it
    • The existing control platform required operators to learn up to 20 different technologies and tools, so training was difficult, operations were not smooth, stress was high and costs were rising
  • Results

    • The Wonderware solution controls the processes throughout the airport that manage the terminal building and cooling and heating power plant as well as auxiliary buildings for luggage transport; additional systems are being deployed
    • The system, which originally managed 35,000 signals, now handles 700,000 inputs through 80 servers that make up five control environments; in the final phase, signals are expected to increase to nearly one million