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Pepsi Bottling Ventures of Idaho

Pepsi Bottling Ventures of Idaho

Pepsi Bottling Ventures chooses Wonderware software to upgrade data collection capabilities and provide insights that have resulted in significant improvements in changeover performance and quick project payback.

  • Chris Bacon, Project Manager

    With more detailed data available from the PLCs in real-time, we are able to cost justify upgrade projects specifically for certain machine centers. We’re able to prove the need for more capital investment.

  • Goals

    • Improve changeover performance by accurately identifying constraints and bottlenecks
    • Facilitate better decision making for crossfunctional teams through consistent and reliable data which would eliminate guesswork and assumptions
    • Understand payback metrics and use this data to justify future projects requiring capital investment
  • Challenges

    • The new plant required the integration of new and legacy equipment
    • Downtime data was recorded manually, and this tracking system did not include recently installed equipment
    • A lean headcount meant that engineers’ time was at a premium
  • Results

    • Reports and trending capabilities of Wonderware solution enabled cross-functional teams to review performance data in consistent, reliable and easily shared formats
    • Cause of downtime in changeover process identified, leading to 50% reduction in changeover time and additional savings in raw materials and packaging
    • Plant has achieved an overall 10% increase in line efficiency
    • Total payback for investment took less than one year; annualized savings calculated at over $78,500