Industrial Software Platform

New Belgium Brewing Company - Progressive Reputation

New Belgium Brewing Company’s new Wonderware software solution improves data visibility and analysis while saving operator time resulting in higher quality and increased production.

  • Igor Valuyev, Chief Electrical and Automation Engineer

    From an administrative perspective, we save a lot of time. From a user’s perspective, we minimize frustration. That’s the number one benefit.

  • Goals

    • Install an Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence and Manufacturing Execution System that will improve inventory management, increase production accuracy and improve quality control
  • Challenges

    • Reduce time spent entering data and manually checking the movement of materials
    • The PLC-based batching system was not operating at its full potential
    • The clean-in-place (CIP) information was not readily accessible
    • Quality control procedures were performed by hand
  • Results

    • “Track and trace” capability enables tracking of any product within 30 minutes
    • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards provide immediate information about performance
    • Historical analysis enables optimization of energy use
    • Faster trouble shooting; improved response times for corrections
    • Early detection of product deviations
    • Projected ROI for integration costs will be realized within two years