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City of Bremen

City of Bremen

The City of Bremen standardizes on Wonderware software for centralized control of its many municipal properties. Benefits include decreased energy consumption and improved communications and reporting.

  • Rüdiger Heinenbruch, Technical Operations Manager

    As our regional supervisors can now access all heating systems from a central location, they will be able to successively optimize the systems one by one.

  • Goals

    • Unify more than 1,200 municipal properties under a single, open building management system (BMS)
    • Optimize the efficiency of heating systems in the buildings to cut energy consumption
  • Challenges

    • The buildings were running proprietary BMS from several different vendors
    • The properties were managed at six control facilities located around the city under the direction of five geographical districts and regional supervisors
  • Results

    • An open BMS based on the Wonderware solution is in place, centralizing the management of the extensive property list (160 facilities in all)
    • Regional supervisors all now have access to the BMS
    • Energy consumption is down by 15% to 18%
    • Assumed cost saving of more than € 30,000 (US$ 43,000) per year
    • Adding buildings to the system is simple and more efficient due to the extensibility of the Wonderware software