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Vaasan Vesi, City of Vaasa, Finland

Vaasan Vesi, City of Vaasa, Finland

City of Vaasa Gets Quick Upgrade to Higher Reliability and Functionality with Wonderware Solution

  • Per-Eric Lindh,Instrument Technician,Vaasan Vesi

    The advantages of the new system include reliability, functionality and clear control and reporting. The decentralized network structure and the capability to store large amounts of information allow high system availability and room for future expansion.

  • Goals

    • Upgrade to new automation and control software with capabilities to meet the needs of a growing, environmentally conscious city
    • Create a new system that would be easy to maintain, provide excellent reliability and offer high availability of data
  • Challenges

    • It was necessary to plan the upgrade carefully to ensure that there would be no shutdowns during the changeover
    • Once upgraded, the new system also needed to anticipate problems and avoid future interruptions in operation
  • Results

    • The City of Vaasa and its citizens are benefitting from a sustainable water and wastewater treatment solution
    • The project was completed ahead of schedule with no shutdowns or customer complaints during the upgrade
    • Management finds the Wonderware solution to be highly reliable and functional, easy to configure, change and expand
    • The Wonderware solution architecture accommodates flexible remote connections to workstations throughout the city
    • Back up and security levels for data have been achieved; clear controls and reporting are meeting management requirements