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Coca Cola Swaziland Conco Ltd

Coca Cola Swaziland Conco Ltd

Coca-Cola Swaziland uses Wonderware Corporate Energy Management to Optimize Energy Usage and Reduce Costs.

  • Paul Kotze, Senior Software Engineer, Systems Anywhere Coastal

    ...after the Swaziland Electricity Company validated the results and achieved a discrepancy of less than 1%, the business completely bought into the system.

  • Goals

    • Reduce energy consumption by 20% and increase visibility into the production processes
  • Challenges

    • The old model was to take a holistic view of energy cost rather than usage
    • The energy users were not empowered enough to take control of situations in the plant
  • Results

    • The improved visibility into energy usage and cost per plant and subsection and the implementation of smarter energy usage/cost control protocols resulted in a reduction in energy consumption.
    • Gaining the ability to control high energy operations to take place during low-cost periods and having the staff be immediately aware of their immediate impact on energy cost resulted in a tighter grip on corporate departmental budgets and targets