Industrial Software Platform
Echelon Corporation

Echelon Corporation

Echelon Corporation participates in local demand response programs and uses its own headquarters building to demonstrate its powerful building automation solutions which incorporate Wonderware software.

  • Steve Nguyen, Director of Corporate Marketing

    Wonderware makes system design much easier and saves both time and money for our customers.

  • Goals

    • Use Echelon Corporation’s headquarters building to demonstrate the power and flexibility of automation systems built on Echelon’s technology incorporating Wonderware software
    • Enable Echelon to benefit from the energy management, control and cost savings that the technology provides
    • Contribute to the San Jose, California community by conserving power and participating in local demand response programs
  • Challenges

    • Echelon needed to design on an open platform that would enable products from many different suppliers to work together
    • Find a solution that could bring software and development costs to an affordable level that would be justifiable for varying sizes of customers and facilities
  • Results

    • Echelon’s headquarters uses 40% less energy than comparable buildings in the area
    • Corporation saves approximately $30,000 yearly by participating in San Jose’s demand response programs
    • Using the Wonderware software solution, Echelon has built a compelling demonstration model for prospects, customers, the press and analysts
    • Design time and development costs are lower for Echelon and systems integrators that work with their solutions