Elbe Tunnel

Elbe Tunnel

An open, highly scalable Wonderware software solution enables the Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg, Germany to continually modernize its facilities management system quickly and cost effectively.

  • Olaf Kolmer, Project Manager, Cegelec AT GmbH

    By using upwardcompatible, standard software from Wonderware, we were able – even in the first phase in 1996 – to lay the foundations for later expansions. There has never been a need for an expensive, timeconsuming renewal of the InTouch application for version upgrades.

  • Goals

    • Monitor and control traffic through the underwater tunnel, which averages 142,000 vehicles per day
    • Regulate tunnel ventilation, lighting, safety and emergency systems
  • Challenges

    • The four-tunnel system includes approximately 850 control points
    • The tunnel is over 34 years old, and continual updates are required to keep the project modernized 
  • Results

    • An open, highly scalable system featuring Wonderware software has enabled easy integration of technology additions and upgrades
    • Expansion of the facilities management system has become more cost effective and time efficient