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Industrial Software Platform

F and N Dairies

Wonderware software solutions are the backbone of F&N's manufacturing operations, ensuring product quality, streamlined production and overall customer satisfaction of its wide range of dairy products, including Carnation, Teapot and Bearbrand.

  • Somchai Khwahan, Production Manager, F&N Dairies Thailand

    At our Rojana factory, F&N Dairies produces 3 million cans a day of sterilized milk, or 2,500 cans per minute. With the integration of Wonderware software solutions to provide vital data on production processes as well as track and trace, we are able to have comprehensive control of our manufacturing operations to ensure product quality and control.

  • Goals

    • To enable the dairy to achieve quality track and traceability
    • To facilitate connectivity of plant operations with the plant’s industrial automation devices, computers and laboratory measuring instruments
    • To reduce the total cost of ownership of the overall solution
      by enabling easy upgrades of systems across the enterprise
  • Challenges

    • When quality parameter deviations were detected, the operators had to manually trace the information in the archived, paper-based operations sheets to determine the root cause, which took a tremendous about of time
  • Results

    • The plant achieved production goal of 2,500 cans a minute, equaling 3 million cans a day, which equals 24 million cases a year
    • It reduced quality traceability time from 4 hours to 1 minute
    • The manufacturing facility achieved its return on investment within one year
    • The plant achieved "100 Percent First-Time Quality," a lean metric that indicates what parts are manufactured correctly the first time without need for inspection, rework or replacement.