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Bombela Concession Company

Bombela Concession Company

Wonderware industrial automation applications unify the network of station management systems for the Gautrain commuter high-speed rail system in South Africa.

  • Sheldon Frade, Electrical Engineer, Kentz (Pty) Ltd

    The flexibility of the Wonderware software made it possible to create the extra redundancy and saved a lot of engineering time. It’s truly a pleasure to develop systems with this versatile tool.

  • Goals

    • To construct a high-speed commuter railway that connected the Johannesburg city center, surrounding suburbs and international airport
    • The team needed to implement a safe and efficient tunnel ventilation system to address various emergency provisions, including fire scenarios, pressurization and smoke removal
  • Challenges

    • The project required the development and deployment of applications that could be easily viewed and controlled from a central command center
  • Results

    • The solution helped the operation of a rail line used by 62,000 riders a day, operating on 80 kilometers (km) of railway tracks
    • Bombela was able to complete this phase of the project ahead of schedule, enabling Gautrain to be up and running in time to provide service to the influx of more than 300,000 visitors attending the 2010 World Cup
    • The solution integrated the railways 11 sites, while meeting the demanding requirement for 99.7% system availability
    • The system’s object-oriented technology enables quick replication and deployment of applications among the various railway sites, reducing engineering cost when new projects are commissioned, or when modifications and upgrades to existing systems are necessary
    • The automated software allows for faster operator response times due to new navigation techniques that help them establish alarms and identify faulty equipment more quickly