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Beam Global Spirits and Wine

Beam Global Spirits & Wine, maker of the Jim Beam brand, increases productivity and profitability by upgrading their Wonderware solution.

  • Harry Crigler, Distillery Operations Manager

    With regards to metrics, what we’re seeing is consistency in throughput. We are able to tell when problematic areas arise and by having it automated, we are able to take preventive action in order to maintain consistent operation.

  • Goals

    • Stay true to the original 200-year-old bourbon recipe
  • Challenges

    • Improve spirits and wine plant technology while maintaining the quality of a product that has a 200-year-old tradition
    • Clear upgrade path of automation system to allow improvements as technology evolves
  • Results

    • Increased efficiency in operations and engineering due to Wonderware software’s ease of use
    • Consistent product quality due to automation
    • Full plant integration involving manufacturing and facilities management