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Magna Automotive

Magna Automotive

The Wonderware System Platform solution at Magna Automotive increased productivity for the existing workforce with an increased equivalent to a head count redeployment of 8%.

  • Nigel King, Senior Software Consultant

    The Wonderware object-based technology, especially the new embedded graphics capability, was a huge benefit to the successful completion of the project.

  • Goals

    • Magna Automotive was required to increase the number of panel variations to handle the requirements for both the outgoing and new vehicles, which meant an increase in the number of variances of around 17%
  • Challenges

    • The project had to be completed in a very short time frame
    • The plant could not be shutdown and production had to be maintained while the expansion was being undertaken
    • The new system had to show improvement in quality, throughput and space utilization
  • Results

    • New personnel can operate the plant with very little training
    • On time delivery
    • Productivity for the existing workforce increased equivalent to a head count redeployment of 8%
    • The Automation and Control System was enhanced by improving stock control, production planning, and inspection of stock produced, as well as adding advanced, automated reporting capabilities