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New Belgium Brewing Company - Sustainable Manufacturing

Wonderware solution helps New Belgium Brewing achieve its environmental and sustainability goals.

  • Jennifer V. Orgolini, Director of Sustainability and Strategic Development

    One of New Belgium Brewing’s core values is to honor nature at every turn. The health of our community and of our business depends upon the health of the natural environment.

  • Goals

    • Minimize impact on the environment by transitioning from fossil fuel-based sources to total renewable energy options
    • New Belgium Brewing has set an ambitious objective to reduce its wastewater impact by increasing its waste diversion rate (sans spent grain and sludge) from 73% in 2007 to 95% by 2015
    • By 2015, the company plans to decrease the water use per barrel of beer produced by 10% and curtail greenhouse gas emissions by 25%
  • Challenges

    • With the reduction in energy usage and materials consumption, New Belgium Brewing was concerned about maintaining high manufacturing standards
    • In order to meet stringent environmental and sustainability goals, the company had to ensure that it would continue to produce the high quality products expected by its loyal customers
  • Results

    • The Schneider Electric solution helped in the efficient and sustainable production of more than 600,000 barrels (18 million gallons) of beer annually
    • The methane rich biogas byproduct from the wastewater plant is now captured and converted into electricity, producing 15% of New Belgium’s operating power requirements
    • The solar photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the bottling plant are able to produce up to 200 KW
    • New Belgium Brewing is the first US. brewery to acquire 100% of its purchased operating electricity from wind power