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Industrial Software Platform

Ontario Clean Water Agency

Wonderware software solution delivers OCWA increased efficiency and cost control. Scalability, standardization and additional reporting capabilities help provide higher service levels to customers while offering increased visibility.

  • Robert Simpson, Asset Management and Operational System Support

    The reliability we have with the Wonderware Historian is phenomenal. Because of the store and forward feature, it eliminates any loss of data. That’s critical to the whole system because we have to report that information to our regulatory body.

  • Goals

    • Provide consistent high-quality water & wastewater treatment services
    • Build in scalability and standardization to improve efficiency
    • Control costs; do more work with fewer staff in less time
    • Provide the highest levels of regulatory compliance
  • Challenges

    • Vast service area; wide-ranging customer types and sizes
    • Strict quality/compliance regulations must be met while delivering cost-effective service
    • Provide continuity plus accommodate future technology integrations
  • Results

    • Scalable; ideal for wide area installations and communications
    • Adding new customers costs less and is accomplished in hours rather than days
    • Increased location support without increase in staff
    • Real-time reports have improved analysis and proof of compliance
    • Changes required for regulatory compliance can be tested and deployed in one day