Industrial Software Platform

Pepsi Bottling Ventures of Garner

Pepsi Bottling Ventures implements Wonderware Performance Software in its Garner, NC plant to utilize real-time data and advanced visualization to attain award-winning production and quality goals.

  • Scott Jamison, Vice President of Engineering

    We have to make the right decisions everyday because it has a huge impact on our bottom line. Wonderware helps us make those decisions.

  • Goals

    • Develop a Performance and Downtime tracking system
    • Eliminate guesswork and assumptions through collection of consistent and reliable data
    • Justify Return On Investment for future capital plant projects
    • Develop an enterprise level platform for future expansion
  • Challenges

    • Implement the new system across 1 new line and 4 legacy lines in the plant
    • Downtime data was recorded manually and information gathering was subjective and inconsistent
    • Manually recorded data created more questions than answers
  • Results

    • Produce over 30 million cases of Pepsi products a year
    • PBV Garner has grown from producing & distributing 189 different products to over 500
    • Total payback for investment estimated at 2.8 years
    • Solution assists in achieving sustainability goals and helps reduce the plant’s carbon footprint
    • Process Visualization immediately available to all levels of plant management and staff
    • Ability to discover, validate and quantify opportunities for future capital investment
    • Average Filler Runtime data facilitated increased production numbers