Industrial Software Platform
Lassila and Tikanoja

Lassila and Tikanoja

Wonderware solutions helped Lassila and Tikanoja reduce production downtime and inefficiencies dramatically by finding and eliminating limiting issues. Plant operating time improved by 20 percent approximately.

  • Simo Vihavainen, Maintenance Manager, Lassila and Tikanoja, plc.

    The Wonderware solution has helped in finding and eliminating the issues which slow down production. It has improved the operating time of the plant by approximately 20% as well as handles the production and work time management of the plant. I believe that many more benefits are still to come.

  • Goals

    • Enable efficient work cycles and arrange timing of auxiliary and maintenance work so less production time is spent on these issues
    • Seamless connection with existing corporate software and automation equipment from various manufacturers
  • Challenges

    • Existing equipment and software from different manufacturers is part of production line
    • Efficiently collect and convert plant-level data into usable information
  • Results

    • Plant has achieved a 20% increase in operating time