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Industrial Software Platform

Puerto Rico Water and Sewage Authority

Wonderware helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water operations with an effective security system, high-speed historical data collection and centralized system for 1500 sites throughout the island.

  • Nancy Caceres, Plant Manager-Guaynabo

    Using Wonderware software has made this plant the role model for the Metro region. It has helped us improve and maintain the quality of the water produced in this facility – which is excellent!

  • Goals

    • Maintain high quality standards for EPA compliance
    • Increase efficiency of management for one of the world’s largest system platform installations
    • Enable better visibility and troubleshooting for over 1,500 sites
    • Provide higher capacity output while controlling costs
  • Challenges

    • More than 120 different platforms to be integrated
    • Needed faster deployment of new installations
    • Tough terrain with areas where radio and DSL communications can’t reach
  • Results

    • Output has increased from 12 million gallons to 20-30 million gallons
    • Cost savings estimated at $15 million over seven years
    • Fewer shutdowns and improved customer satisfaction due to proactive trouble shooting
    • Island-wide standardization for faster installations and increased operator ease-of-use
    • Clean, EPA-compliant water