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The South African Breweries Limited

The South African Breweries Limited

SAB Maltings Adopts Latest Wonderware Technology for Batch Tracking and Reporting.

  • Eddie Jordaan, IS Manager

    All in all, for the first time, we now have an automated system giving us the information to achieve what everybody is striving for – continuous improvement.

  • Goals

    • Track products through the production process in order to get a complete view with respect to production variables applicable to each batch
    • Generate reports detailing product transfer times and vessel occupancy times
  • Challenges

    • Merging of production and process timelines into a single source of information, with all the data in context, for meaningful numerical and graphical reports regarding production KPIs
    • Safeguarding existing system investments
  • Results

    • The new system has highlighted operational and plant issues, which had previously been “hidden” from view
    • True vessel occupancies and transfer times can be determined
    • Real-time data provided in the correct format has now made users more aware of true production realities
    • Meaningful information is helping SAB Maltings achieve its overall objective of continuous process improvement