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GenOn Energy

GenOn Energy

GenOn Energy is using a SimSci plant simulation solution to train power station operators as well as to improve operating procedures and process efficiencies.

  • Alan Metzler, Operations Manager

    The Schneider Electric solution has helped us significantly, that’s the pure dollars and cents of the project. But there’s also been quality of life improvements regarding overtime for the control room operators.

  • Goals

    • GenOn Energy needed to develop a training program to enable the easy transfer of technical knowledge and real-world experience from veteran power plant operators to new trainees in the shortest possible time period
    • The company required a training solution that could deliver a high-fidelity model of the Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) waste coal-fired combustion process
  • Challenges

    • Seward Generating Station management had to overcome initial skepticism from veteran operators that a computer simulator solution could replicate the intricacies and nuances of running an advanced technology waste coalfired power station
    • New equipment and upgrades required the testing of alternative procedures and processes, which needed to be conducted without impacting live plant operations
  • Results

    • The simulator is successfully being used to qualify new trainees and simulation training has standardized responses to specific problem or error conditions
    • All control changes are first made and tested on the simulator before implementing on the plant, improving operational efficiencies and adding higher levels of confidence to control room management