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Fauji Fertilizer Company

Fauji Fertilizer Company

Solutions based on SimSci OTS facilitates Fauji Fertilizer Chemical plants to not only operate efficiently, but also to preempt unforeseen situations by strengthening operator skills and improving safety of the plant as well as their employees.

  • Mubashar M. Butt, Deputy Manager Production, Fauji Fertilizer Company

    Our preparedness level has improved by many folds. Now both newly-trained and experienced operators have gained a lot of confidence. They are well-prepared to handle the plant in normal operation, startups/shut downs and in emergency situations.

  • Goals

    • Train personnel on the newly-commissioned DCS to reduce operational incidents,increase uptime and equip operators to respond to emergencies
    • Maintain a high level of performance for experienced operators and new hires alike
    • Quickly and effectively prepare new plant operators to work in actual control room and field environments
  • Challenges

    • A well-run plant offers only infrequent opportunities for on-the-job training for critical and emergency scenarios, so engineers must be trained and tested through simulations
    • Expected retirements and attrition of existing workers will require many new operators to be trained quickly
  • Results

    • Within the first year, 22 FFC engineers have become OTS instructors; they have conducted 130 training sessions for nearly 100 management and staff operators
    • Plant operators have benefitted from best-inclass training and are empowered to respond confidently and consistently in real time
    • With the OTS, training time has decreased from years to months
    • Unscheduled shutdowns are significantly reduced, plant startup and shutdown is more efficient and emergencies have been handled smoothly