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City Of Toronto

City Of Toronto

The Water and Wastewater Division of Toronto Works and Emergency Services implements an Avantis solution to substantially reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

  • Jim Coe, Program Manager

    Overall, our staff is excited about Avantis. They are impressed with the ease of use and speed with which information previously unavailable to them can now be acquired.

  • Goals

    • Increase and improve productivity, share maintenance information, reduce operating cost and improve customer service
  • Challenges

    • Previous systems consisted aged preventive maintenance and inventory programs developed internally. Each facility had its own version of these programs and the functionality of those applications was very limited
  • Results

    • Meets all of the EAM core functional requirements (work management, inventory, procurement)
    • Management can determine accurately and quickly the costs of performing maintenance at water and wastewater operating facilities
    • The Division is identifying real savings by maintaining optimized inventory levels and improving replenishment procedures
    • Ensures that the Water and Wastewater staff has readily available, accurate, and relevant information to help them be more effective in executing the work management process