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Industrial Software Platform
Amadori Group, GESCO Consorzio Cooperativo

Amadori Group, GESCO Consorzio Cooperativo

Amadori uses a Wonderware solution that enables compliance with government regulations and optimizes production cycle and energy management.

  • Carlo Caramanico, Software Support Cid Engineering

    In recent years, Amadori has always been asking for the most innovative solutions, aware that technological innovation allows us to remain competitive on the market. And this goal has led us to the deployment of Wonderware platforms.

  • Goals

    • Optimize temperature management during meat processing steps
    • Ensure traceability, with exact temperature data for every step: processing, stocking and preservation
    • Deploy a system that improves plant efficiency
  • Challenges

    • Difficulty in software migration from an outdated version to a highly innovative and scalable system
    • Create a temperature control system that adjusts according to the external weather conditions
  • Results

    • Solution enabled compliance with government regulations 
    • Optimized production cycle and energy management
    • Automation of the production cycle helped eliminate manual data entry errors 
    • The solution was initially only implemented in limited departments, but has now been deployed in all other process areas