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Industrial Software Platform

China Ministry of Railway - Wonderware System Platform

Easyway Company Limited uses Wonderware software to implement a passenger station management system for the world’s longest high-speed rail network in China.

  • Shao Xiaofeng, Vice President

    The most important aspect is the usability of the Schneider Electric solution. It enables us to easily implement new demands and features for the system, so system extensibility is excellent.

  • Goals

    • The nationwide high-speed railway network required quick implementation, effective integration with third-party components and a user-friendly operator interface
    • A problem-free growth path was imperative for the planned expansion of the 12,000- kilometer rail network with more than 800 stations
  • Challenges

    • After completion of the 120-kilometer Beijing-to-Tianjin line for the 2008 Olympic Games, Easyway was tasked with expanding the solution throughout China by 2020
    • The company had to quickly duplicate systems, processes and functions implemented at major passenger stations for smaller stations throughout the rail network
  • Results

    • The Wonderware System Platform and Wonderware InTouch HMI solution allowed the integration of 60 different third-party vendors into the station’s Passenger Information System
    • New stations can be deployed as needed and configured in as little as one day
    • Operational costs have been lowered because personnel can be reduced or allocated more effectively
    • Better visibility to the entire system has led to decreased maintenance costs