Industrial Software Platform


Wonderware automation software solutions are used to manage the GeiserBox from Ambiensys for urban waste management processes which reduce waste volume by up to 80 percent.

  • Luis Carlos Carrillo, Operations Director

    Thanks to Wonderware, we have been able to develop a unique, innovative technology for urban waste management applications which enables supervision of the entire waste treatment cycle from one control room.

  • Goals

    • Ambiensys required the ability to have total surveillance of waste treatment processes performed by its GeiserBox technology
  • Challenges

    • The company wanted to integrate a standardsbased, intuitive and independent control technology to prevent being tied to one technology provider
    • An operational level solution had to give total assurance of process supervision with the ability to optimize automation processes that would reduce manual reporting tasks inherent in the waste management process
  • Results

    • The Wonderware software solutions provide reliability and security for the implementation of processes because of their tight control of each stage of the waste treatment process that is managed by the GeiserBox module
    • The user-friendly technology interface makes it easy for operators to configure and use the software at each treatment plant using GeiserBox
    • Wonderware assists the GeiserBox solution to reduce solid waste volume by up to 80%, processing as much as 300,000 tons of solid urban and industrial waste each year