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Ecocity Valdespartera Zaragoza

Ecocity Valdespartera Zaragoza

Wonderware software enables Valdespartera to become Spain’s first sustainable ‘smart city’ by remotely monitoring and managing its urban services infrastructure to ensure overall environmental compliance and efficiency.

  • Noelia Olona, Technical Area Manager

    By powering the city’s remote monitoring and management system, Wonderware software addresses two key issues for the Valdespartera team: effective and efficient control and management of all municipal networks, as well as accessibility and analyzing of environmental impact of operations in an integrated manner.

  • Goals

    • To successfully implement an integrated remote control monitoring system for the city’s urban services including drinking water supply network, sewage and rainwater treatment, landscape watering systems, electricity and gas supplies, street lighting, and pneumatic waste collection
  • Challenges

    • A need existed to integrate and consolidate data from a multitude of instrumentation devices that are responsible for operating the infrastructure
    • As the first type of city of its kind, Valdespartera required constant monitoring and evaluation of municipal services to ensure they met the sustainability goals of the overall urban design plan
    • Defining a common data capture infrastructure to measure and transmit information to a unified control center that would supervise compliance with the environmental criteria
  • Results

    • The automation system manages 196 control points from nine service networks which comprise the city’s technical infrastructure, ensuring compliance with environmental initiatives
    • The system’s 78 servers/cabinets gather and store information received from 21,483 communication signals relayed from 9,000 digital meters installed throughout the city
    • Collected data is automatically distributed to technical management personnel, as well as a database where it is stored as “public interest” knowledge for future analysis on urban energy efficiency