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China Ministry of Railways - Olympic

Starting with a 100-mile line for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the China Ministry of Railways has chosen Wonderware software to expand the country’s national railway system.

  • Shao Xiao Feng, Vice President for Wonderware system integrator EASYWAY

    When the system is completed, it will carry both passengers and goods, reaching a distance of 4,000 kilometers in just a few hours. This is a huge improvement in our country’s transportation system.

  • Goals

    • The new system required quick implementation, effective integration with current equipment and a user-friendly operator interface
    • An easy and efficient upgrade path was imperative for planned future expansion
  • Challenges

    • The initial project had to be completed in time for the August 2008 Olympic games in Beijing
    • The 100-mile line was the first high-speed railway to be built in China
  • Results

    • Operational costs were immediately reduced because personnel could be allocated more effectively
    • The new system saves energy since actual demand determines equipment usage levels
    • Better visibility to the entire system has led to decreased maintenance costs
    • New stations can be deployed as needed and configured in a little as one day