Industrial Software Platform
Meteng Pty Ltd.

Meteng Pty Ltd.

Wonderware software is integral to a 3D process modeling system that enables plants to accelerate design process, provide interactive simulation and facilitate effective learning.

  • Jim Groutsch, Managing Director

    We found enormous differences in data transfer and operator response rates with other systems, but we have not yet found any limitation on what we can do with Wonderware software.

  • Goals

    • Enable an accelerated design process so that plants can begin to generate income more quickly
    • Provide an interactive simulation environment that saves time and money by testing plants and processes before they are constructed
    • Facilitate more effective learning by enabling operators to make mistakes and practice responding to emergency or out-of-compliance conditions without negative consequences
  • Challenges

    • The complex Walk-Through Interactive Simulated Environment (WISE) system has enormous power requirements and integrates Apple, Windows and Wonderware technology with very large, high-resolution displays
    • The system had to be built with components that would ensure easy and cost effective expansion to meet the needs of many different clients
  • Results

    • Improved system performance. Increased data transfer rates and response to operator interactions on the various systems that make up the simulation system
    • Software platform enabled development of functionality Meteng required for its simulation systems
    • Developers could concentrate on task of process modeling and simulation instead of focusing on complex program code
    • Software offered opportunity for Meteng to develop methods enabling re-use and standardization, resulting in tremendous savings in engineering costs