Industrial Software Platform


FlexFactory, from Massachusetts based Xcellerex, utilizes Wonderware software to create biotherapeutics and vaccines manufacturing solutions more efficiently.

  • John A. Chickosky, Chief Commercial Officer and President, Biosystems

    With the integration of Wonderware’s software, Xcellerex has been able to deploy FlexFactory® manufacturing capacity, very quickly, resulting in an overall reduction in development time of nearly 60%. This directly impacts customers with reduced costs and shorter time to market. In fact, we’ve been able to reduce deployment time from 3-5 years to an amazing 12-18 months. This results in huge implementation savings and the ability to begin producing high value product 2 to 4 years sooner than traditional technology.

  • Goals

    • Address the growing demands in the biomedical market space for more effective biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes
    • Develop a solution that would define a model for improving how biopharmaceuticals, vaccines and other therapeutics are developed, manufactured and commercialized
  • Challenges

    • Integrating complex technology with ultra-high levels of functionality was considered the greatest challenge in creating a bio manufacturing platform that employs a single-use technology, controlled environment modules, process automation and electronic batch records
  • Results

    • Xcellerex’s FlexFactory enables companies to achieve significant cost savings in several areas, including a capital investment reduction that can exceed 60 percent
    • The solution decreases the facility space required by 40 percent, lessens water usage and waste by 85 percent, and lowers the overall cost of finished products by 32 percent
    • FlexFactory reduces deployment time from three to five years to 12 to 18 months, which enables the production of high value products two to four years sooner than traditional technology
    • The solution achieves an overall reduction in development time of nearly 60 percent, with an estimated 80 percent saving in rework time, which reduces costs and shortens time to market