Industrial Software Platform
Valmet Automotive

Valmet Automotive

Valmet Automotive implemented the Wonderware MES software solution to manage its manufacturing facility which makes products such as the Think City electric car.

  • Kari Rannila, Manufacturing Director, NTS Networks

    Wonderware operations software was adapted for the car manufacturing environment in only three months. All production data is now handled in electronic format; no paper printouts are required.

  • Goals

    • The automotive manufacturer needed production data to be easily transferred between the automation and ERP systems
    • The availability of electronic documents was necessary to more easily share the production information between departments and company executives
    • Data generated from the new automation software system had to effectively manage bill of materials and track and trace data used in the production of the end-products
  • Challenges

    • Due to growing demand for energy-efficient electric automobiles, the company was eager to have an MES solution installed quickly to enable the immediate ramp up of manufacturing
    • It was important for the new software solution to easily integrate with existing software and hardware currently installed at the facility for quicker ROI
  • Results

    • The Wonderware solution was installed quickly enabling Valmet to bring manufacturing online in three months
    • The software provided flexibility in the management of production data and bill of material documents
    • With its Web-based reporting capabilities, all necessary production managers and executives have immediate access to manufacturing data enabling more effective decision-making