Industrial Software Platform
Portland General Electric

Portland General Electric

Portland General Electric relies on Wonderware software solutions to help them supply electricity to their customers during peak hours and avoid skyrocketing wholesale prices.

  • Mark Osborn, PGE Distributed Resources Manager

    The Wonderware solution is working great. To my knowledge there are no other utilities in the world that have the ability to start 40 megawatts of paralleled power generation located at numerous customer sites with a single mouse click.

  • Goals

    • Supply ample and affordable power to 2 million residents of Portland
    • Create reliable solution that can be reused throughout the plants owned and operated by Portland General Electric
  • Challenges

    • Megawatt cost skyrockets when there is power shortage from the grid
    • Find a way to have an efficient and optimized plant with less emission
  • Results

    • Dispatchable Standby Generation (DSG) links 32 generators at 21 customer sites ensuring grid reliability at peak power demands
    • Improved efficiency of customer generators
    • The system has enabled PGE to avoid buying wholesale power from the Western grid when prices are skyrocketing
    • The system provide distributed real time monitoring, live video camera feed and an alarming system based on the IEEE-61850-420-7 object standard for all the sites