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Wuxi Transportation Tunnel System

Wuxi Transportation Tunnel System

To relieve traffic in the city dubbed "Little Shanghai," Wuxi city officials decided to build a series of tunnels to connect its business center hubs.

  • Dr. Wu Zhichun, Mayor of Wuxi

    The Wonderware solution uses advanced component object-based technology that enable us to reuse templates from previous projects allowing faster implementation of new processes.

  • Goals

    • Remotely manage the series of tunnels, roads and pedestrian paths that connect the city’s residential area, industrial zone and central business district
    • Ensure the effective management of tunnel conditions and operation equipment including power, lighting, ventilation and drainage, as well as emergency response operations
  • Challenges

    • The control center has to rapidly react to emergency events such as accidents, fires and floods in accordance with contingency plans
    • Respond to tunnel operations management issues including effective operation of equipment, maintenance of road conditions and management of energy use
  • Results

    • The management team can now efficiently monitor various systems, achieving full deployment of the entire road
    • Reduced engineering costs, improved overall operation efficiency and decreased travel time through the central city
    • The system now supports more than 10 clients as compared to the previous six clients and achieved a lower headcount