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Museumsinsel Berlin

Museumsinsel Berlin

Museumsinsel Berlin implements a solution based on Wonderware software to Manage its Facility Operations.

  • Erik Zimmer, Administrator of GLT/MSR Technology

    We selected a combination of Wonderware software designed to specifically address our need to manage the various building automation systems throughout the museum complex.

  • Goals

    • Standardization of all control systems so that personnel could be assigned to any building without additional technical training
    • Officials wanted to establish central control of facilities management systems for all buildings to enable maximum asset performance and cost control, as well as support plans for system enhancements and museum expansion
    • The system needed to provide users working outside of the building network easy access to data to assess operational issues and initiate system changes and adjustments
  • Challenges

    • Systems managers had to use the museum’s existing IT infrastructure which required the implementation of an open-architecture design
    • Because of a revolving staff assignment structure, the system needed to be very easy to use with minimal user training
  • Results

    • The Schneider Electric solution successfully linked all of the museum’s facilities using a standardized control and management technology, with a common, simplified user interface
    • The transmission of data is now conducted in real-time, enabling staff to immediately address potential issues within the system