Industrial Software Platform

9REN Group

To help operate its plants, 9REN created EOSystem, a solution built on Wonderware software.

  • Francisco Alija, Monitoring and Control Manager

    Wonderware is a flexible technology which enables reliable monitoring of any energy production source that 9REN offers. It gives us the guarantee of maximum control of the company’s installations and improves the facilities’ overall performance ratio. The Wonderware technology has measured up to and exceeded our expectations.

  • Goals

    • Increase the production levels of the company’s renewable energy generation installations
    • Reduce on-site maintenance costs by minimizing manual supervision of operations
  • Challenges

    • 9REN Group had to develop and implement a single control system to supervise various types of installations including photovoltaic, lowtemperature solar thermal and wind operations
    • The company’s operations monitoring facilities are geographically dispersed throughout Spain and Italy -- this dynamic required a solution that could adequately address the inherent challenges, such as complex communications protocols for data transmission and differing time zones
    • As the adoption of alternative energy sources increases, the software solution had to provide scalability to include future installations
  • Results

    • The Schneider Electric solution has enabled 9REN Group to generate approximately 425 MWh a day at its power generation plants in Spain and Italy
    • Staffing has been reduced by 15% - from three to one - for control room operation, allowing the company to focus its personnel on other important tasks
    • Event recognition has increased by 50% and time to obtain performance monitoring reports has been reduced from one month to two days
    • Solar trackers production has improved by 5%