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9REN Group

9REN Group

9REN Group is using Wonderware software to monitor and improve the performance of its renewable energy plant installations throughout Europe and the Mideast.

  • Francisco Alija, Monitoring and Control Manager

    9REN has improved the availability of this system using the very reliable solution from Schneider Electric. If you want to offer the market a better solution, you need to use an up-to- date monitoring system. Schneider Electric gave us this capability.

  • Goals

    • The company needed to increase the production levels of its renewable energy generation installations in Europe
    • 9REN wanted to reduce its field operations maintenance costs by minimizing manual supervision of plant operations
  • Challenges

    • Geographic dispersion of the company’s power generation sites throughout Spain and Italy demanded a centralized approach to system monitoring across differing time zones and weather patterns
    • 9REN required a solution that could easily scale with the projected installation of new renewable energy facilities in new regions
  • Results

    • Monitoring technology that provides instantaneous information from all photovoltaic plant installations has considerably reduced the cost of 9REN’s field operations
    • 9REN improved company profitability and power availability from its renewable energy plants, and reduced maintenance costs by limiting the need for on-site control