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Stadtwerke Dusseldorf (Public Works)

Stadtwerke Dusseldorf (Public Works)

Wonderware software helps Dusseldorf Waterworks Reduce Costs, Optimize Control and Improve Reporting

  • Matthias Rammler Electrotechnical and System Support, City of Dusseldorf Public Works

    Now we are able to create all required reports, analyses and documentation ourselves. We are no longer dependent on outside companies to provide us with that information.

  • Goals

    • Fight increasing costs by uniting three waterworks plants under one automated control solution
    • Bring reporting in-house, so staff can perform real-time evaluations, analyze trends and provide documentation for compliance
  • Challenges

    • Before this project, there was no synchronization or coordination between the three plants
    • There was no data collection or archive system in place
  • Results

    • Operations are fully automated, resulting in reduced operating costs, increased plant productivity and availability, improved maintenance and simplified administration
    • With the new Schneider Electric solution, data is centrally archived and secure; availability of real-time and historical data has enabled the City of Dusseldorf to meet its goals for the system
    • Operators and management have the data they need to quickly analyze and efficiently optimize processes