Industrial Software Platform

Yamatake Corp.

Wonderware’s largest VAR/OEM customer depends on the software to provide powerful capabilities and versatility to support worldwide growth as well as the corporation’s mission to add value through "human-centered automation."

  • Hironobu Hirakawa, Development Manager

    The terminal server capability of Wonderware software has enabled Yamatake to increase sales by 50% over the last four years.

  • Goals

    • Implement a software solution aligned with the corporate mission to realize safety, comfort and fulfilment in peoples’ lives while contributing to the global environment through “human-centered automation”
    • Take advantage of an off-the-shelf solution that offers quick deployment and ease of use
  • Challenges

    • The corporation requires a software solution with enough versatility to interface with many different hardware systems worldwide
    • With over $2.4 billion in global sales, Yamatake needs extensive and immediate technical support
  • Results

    • With the Wonderware software’s ability to support Yamatake’s “Operation Anywhere” concept, the corporation has increased sales by approximately 50% over the last four years
    • Wonderware software’s standardized, pre-built graphics have provided savings in engineering costs and development time
    • Yamatake customers are maximizing their existing system investments due to the Wonderware solution’s easy upgrades and upward compatibility