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Amalgamated Beverage Industries

Amalgamated Beverage Industries

Amalgamated Beverage Industries implemented a new packaging line for its soft drink products based on Wonderware software to increase production to meet the annual summer demand.

  • John Coetzee, SAB Business Systems Manager

    The accuracy of the downtime reports provided by the Wonderware software solution were so good that even our equipment supplier is using them to troubleshoot its equipment at our plant instead of using manual tracking sheets normally used when servicing the equipment.

  • Goals

    • To effectively address the annual summer demand for soft drinks, the plant needed to improve the overall production performance and accelerate commissioning of a new packaging line
    • The ability to track machine performance, electronic data capture and reporting of measurements were key components to ensuring that the packaging facility operates efficiently
  • Challenges

    • The facility needed to conform to Pack ML standards to ensure efficient operation of facility manufacturing equipment
    • The automation system had to work with existing SAP process order applications and daily production reporting facilities
    • The company wanted to capture all downtime data using the OMAC model of open control technologies for manufacturing applications
  • Results

    • Once Amalgamated implemented the PackML standards using the OMAC model and Wonderware software, the company was able to accurately achieve real-time downtime reporting
    • The company was able to accurately estimate reject counts and crates on the line to implement improvements to the manufacturing line process