Global Water Management, LLC

Global Water Management, LLC

Solution based on Wonderware software gives an Arizona water company new operational efficiencies, including improved monitoring to meet compliance standards and trend-tracking capabilities.

  • James Taylor, Operations Manager

    …we can address problems before they occur. It’s the big picture we need to fine tune and solve complex problems.

  • Goals

    • Provide ample water and meet county, state and federal quality standards
    • Use less power, conserve energy and operate more profitably
    • Reduce operator time spent driving to remote locations to save fuel and vehicle costs
    • Improve measurement of treatment processes and gather historical and real-time equipment data for better preventative maintenance
  • Challenges

    • Aggressive timeline required the new system to be operational within a few weeks
    • Operations cover a 100-square-mile territory with eight separate facilities
  • Results

    • The Wonderware software solution’s standardization and repeatability resulted in quick development time
    • Historical data and trending reports now are available to management for improved decision making
    • Preventative maintenance has extended equipment life; power use is minimized and operations are more profitable
    • Remote visibility saves operator travel time and has improved efficiency while reducing fuel and fleet maintenance costs