Industrial Software Platform

Cairns Water

Cairns Water uses Wonderware software for the water and wastewater management as well as solid waste and recycling services for the 145,000 people in Cairns, Australia.

  • Ted Ellis, Control Officer

    The most outstanding benefit with Wonderware on board right now has been the data collection process and our ability to trend it, produce reports and process issues much more quickly.

  • Goals

    • Create an automated Water and Wastewater solution for the city of Cairns, Australia
  • Challenges

    • An old and unsupported SCADA system had been used to control the Southern Treatment plant
    • Geography is a prominent factor with 40 pumping stations feeding into the central location
  • Results

    • Helps in providing continuous water and wastewater services to the 145,000 people of Cairns, Australia
    • The Southern Treatment plant provides primary and secondary stages of sewage treatment for 60,000 of the residents of Cairns
    • Improved response times and provides better environmental compliance and monitoring
    • Answered the priority need for continuous control, no matter where engineers are located