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Spokane Water Department

Spokane Water Department

The Spokane Water Department grows with a new Wonderware SCADA solution while also enjoying ease of use, improved data collection and evaluation and scalability for the future.

  • Mark Cleveland, Operations Supervisor

    The real value to us is that we have continuous monitoring and can identify problems more quickly. You have confidence that what the system is telling you is correct.

  • Goals

    • Transition from a limited-capacity system to a new, more scalable water management solution
    • The new solution needed to enable operators to make changes and additions without outside technical assistance
  • Challenges

    • The former SCADA system was limited to 48 sites and was not adaptable to Spokane’s growing needs
    • Obsolete telemetry caused slow communications between the central control site and remote stations
  • Results

    • The Upriver Dam generates over 70 million kilowatts of electricity annually, which is enough to power the water plant, contributing to the department’s sustainability efforts
    • Lost water rates (measuring water wasted due to leaks, inaccurate metering or slow repairs) are at 6%, among the lowest in the nation
    • The Wonderware system enables remote monitoring and control which has cut the frequency of travel to stations by about two thirds while saving on vehicles and fuel
    • The redundant SCADA system guarantees uninterrupted operations for the City of Spokane, 24/7
    • The solution’s scalable architecture and objectbased implementation empower in-house staff to deploy applications and perform changes without outside help