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Nanjing Rail

Nanjing Rail

Wonderware software has helped the Nanjing Metro add a new line that provides a comfortable and safe travel experience while saving energy and ensuring efficient future expansion.

  • Niu weixing, Project Engineer

    (The Wonderware solution) has significantly increased efficiency, reduced our error rate, made it easy for us to add functions and has allow us to maintenance the system at a much lower cost. It will definitely help us as we continually expand.

  • Goals

    • Construct and operate a safe and efficient metro system for the city of Nanjing
    • Provide a comfortable travel experience while reducing energy consumption
  • Challenges

    • Nanjing is a large city with only one other metro line
    • The new solution must manage 24 stations as well as a control center, repair depot and other supporting facilities
  • Results

    • The Wonderware solution forms the foundation for the new train line which serves over five million citizens of Nanjing
    • Development and implementation of the line has been efficient and the scalability of the Wonderware software will ensure that planned expansion will be efficient